See the last known location and updated ETA of every shipment in real-time, mapped right into your TMS.

Real-time visibility

Reduce the number of manual status updates by having them sent to you and your customers automatically.

Simplify your operations

Delight your customers by giving them more visibility into their freight and faster response times to order changes.

Improve customer experience

Get a TMS that works with the applications you need.


Rose Rocket TMS


Get a 6-month free trial of Rose Rocket for KeepTruckin customers with under 20 vehicles. 

From quote to cash, Rose Rocket is the single piece of software that any carrier needs to effectively run their business.

Why Rose Rocket & KeepTruckin?

With Rose Rocket, you define how you want your TMS to work.

Automated Order Entry
Through EDIs, uploads, or recurring orders, order entry is painless.

Leg-Based Planning
See and pre-plan future legs associated with an order.

Real Time Profitability
See profitability as you plan in real time to optimize for profitable moves.

Manage Digital Documents
Store and share all the documents you need in one place, including BOLs and invoices & bills.

Automatic Updates
Send accurate ETAs automatically to shippers before they even ask for it.

Custom Tasks
Add custom tasks in the TMS to better organize and track non-movement related work.