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Scaling Business While Reducing Call Volume by 75% with Rose Rocket

Grant worked with a lean team, and the challenges of building a business required him to do more with less. Rose Rocket helped the team scale their business by making their daily workflows easier. From the ability to quickly enter orders and globally search for information, to being able to offer a private and secure track and trace portal, Wainright was able to process more orders while improving customer service.

The streamlined workflows also allowed Wainright to be more flexible with their customers – allowing Wainright to be able to manage both the agreed-upon freight and any unexpected volume that came along the way. “With Rose Rocket, we’ve been able to deliver beyond what we thought we could. This helped build trust with our customers, especially at the beginning of the relationship.”

"We’re a smaller terminal, and that means staffing is lean. I don’t have people that can answer the phone all day to report in on the freight. Rose Rocket helped alleviate that with the Shipper Portal."

Grant Oldfield, General Manager

Grant Oldfield, General Manager at Wainright Trucking, has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years. 

When he decided to pursue more shipper-direct business to grow Wainright Trucking Limited’s customer base, Grant knew he would need software to help him scale and meet the unique and varied demands of his new customers.

When a partner carrier recommended Rose Rocket, he went ahead and took a demo call. Grant was immediately impressed with the people he interacted with at Rose Rocket during this search process. “What set Rose Rocket apart was their attention to detail, and their willingness to listen. They weren’t a cookie-cutter TMS, and had the flexibility to help us grow.”

Choosing Rose Rocket for astronomical results, without paying the astronomical price.

Grant was no stranger to TMS software. Having worked with partner carriers for years, he had access to different systems, and knew what to look for in his next software purchase. 

However, when he was evaluating the TMS in the market, he found the options too limiting in terms of features or in terms of price. With Rose Rocket, he found the functionalities he needed from a TMS, while appreciating the flexibility that Platform TMS has offered. He knew the software can grow and expand as his business scales. 

“I think a lot of the TMS out there is carved in stone. What you see is what you get and all you get, whereas Rose Rocket was willing to listen and tweak as we grew.”

Most of all, Rose Rocket had a more attractive pricing structure. Grant appreciated Rose Rocket’s SaaS (software-as-a-service) structure, which didn’t require a large initial investment from him in both setup and hardware costs. With an accounting background that guides Grant’s business decisions, this was a no-brainer

Wainright Trucking is looking to offer the Shipper Portal to other customers. By bringing on-demand visibility to their customers' fingertips, they can offer exceptional customer service while continuing to operate with a lean team.

Future-proof your business with Rose Rocket.


Company Specialty: LTL Carrier

Wainright is a LTL based carrier, specialized in dry van freight in southwestern Ontario. They cover all points between Woodstock and Windsor, with services including tailgate, straight truck, and cross-dock work.

Scaling with Rose Rocket

Today, Rose Rocket is an important part of his daily operations. Grant uses it to not only run his business, but also monitor the results through the reporting features.

“On my computer, I have a screen dedicated to just Rose Rocket, because I like to monitor it at all times.”

He finds Rose Rocket’s TMS to be easy to use, which is helpful for him and also for his team.

His staff have access to the different functionalities that they need to succeed in their roles, from dispatch and planning, to order management, invoicing and more.


Looking forward

More customers, less calls

Having more shipper-direct business came with new relationships and communication points. This resulted in Wainright receiving new status check-in calls at all stages of an order. To better manage his team’s time, Wainright introduced a customer to the Rose Rocket Track and Trace Portal, which helped them reduce inbound call volume by 75%. Through the portal, Wainright’s customer got on-demand updates for all of their orders, successfully satisfying their visibility needs while reducing inbound calls for Wainright Trucking.

If we had gone with Rose Rocket’s competition, we would have paid an astronomical price for it, while also needing an onsite mainframe and IT department. It just didn’t make sense.